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Executive Director

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Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation, Inc.

With business certificates
Cebu City, Cebu
Posted on : May 06, 2019
Job ID : 316032


Founded in 1998, the Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation (CCEF) ( is a non-government organization dedicated to coastal resource management (CRM). The CRM activities focus on the management of coral reefs and other coastal and marine ecosystems through establishments of marine protected areas (MPAs), research and monitoring for informed decision-making, capacity and constituency building for conservation and management through training and education, public-private partnerships, and community organization and development.
CCEF accepts interns in different aspects and fields including administration and accounting. In line with this, we are looking for a knowledgeable, responsible, trustworthy, and dedicated individual to assist the Foundation in recording, preparing and journalizing receipts and disbursements, filing, inventory, and other related functions.
Objective: Provides overall direction, supervision, oversight and strategic guidance of the Foundation towards the achievement of its Vision. Mission and Goals.
Reports to: the Board of Trustees (through the Chair/President)
Supervises: Administrative and Finance Officer (AFO) and Program/Unit Heads (e.g. Development Director, DD; Research and Field Operations Director, RFOD - still to be hired).
Responsibilities of the position:
  • Responsible for writingproposals for grants and funding and understands how the foundation research relates to management and guidance as possible;
  • Responsible for leading the staff and directly managing the organization, to include programs and projects as well as funders/donors/partners relations and management;
  • Provides technical guidance in all CRM and science related activities and serves as resource person in selected training and other speaking engagements, as appropriate;
  • Guides the development of project work plans and oversee implementation and progress; as appropriate, via project leaders and/or staff (e.g. timely reporting to donor, proper/time delivery of activities.);
  • Networks with other/potential partners and funders for new/potential projects/ activities;
  • Explores local and international sources for sustainable funding for the Foundation, in coordination with other senior staff;
  • Shows accountability to the funders/donors/partners by maintaining good relations through emails and courtesy calls;
  • Maintains and establishes coordination with other organizations, local government units and departments as required to further CCEF objectives;
  • Represents the organization at key events to provide the public persona of the Foundation;
  • Guides communications functions through periodic, newsletter, website etc.;
  • Oversees all functions and duties of the Administrative and Finance Unit;
  • Attend to personnel management (contracts, compensation, benefits, disciplinary actions, etc. in coordination with the Administrative and Finance Officer and Chief Accountant;
  • Oversees staff management and provide measures and/or venues where all the staff can be treated fairly and justly, and work-related conflicts can be resolved;
  • Oversees the management of all financial resources of the Foundation in accordance with approved rules in coordination with the AFO/Accountant and; Attends, guides and/or delegates the financial requirements of the Foundation;
  • Ensures that regular report deadlines are met, coordinate key planning activities with staff and generally be responsive to the advisory needs of the personnel.
Qualifications and Experience:
  • Graduate degree in environmental sciences and/or organizational management, with at least 5 years of experience in environmental management, preferably within an NGO or equivalent;
  • Advance proficiency in the use and application of English; strong written and verbal communication and presentation skills ;
  • Demonstrated experience in program management and cycles, and preferably knowledge of coastal resource management;
  • Knowledge and skills in implementing projects with “cross-cutting” and overlapping themes; has experience in managing projects involving different disciplines, and can supervise a multi-disciplinary staff;
  • Positive and progressive outlook, a team player, and possess excellent management and people skills;
  • Good work ethic, imparts a strong sense of accountability, honesty, loyalty, and work ethic to all employees;
  • Has strong motivation skills and passion for the environment and marine conservation; and,
  • Strong interpersonal skills, relates to, establishes and maintains good relations with LGUs, NGOs, partners, funders and donor

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