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DevOps Engineer

2 to 4 Years Experience

Tallant Asia

Established in 2016 | 11-50 employees
Cebu city, Cebu City, Cebu
Posted on : April 11, 2019
Job ID : 311957


Tallant Asia is looking for a DevOps engineer to support an engineering team of 6 developers in building up a serverless infrastructure based on AWS. Following is a list of aspects that the DevOps engineer would help us set up: 
  • One on-demand popup environment per developer using CloudFormation scripts
  • Multi-region redundancy deployment for automatic failover using DynamoDB global tables, AWS API Gateway and Route 53
  • Automatic and manual disaster recovery
  • Continuous integration pipelines using GitLab for both Python backend and React Native mobile app
  • Automated integration tests for Python backend and automated UI tests for React Native mobile app using Appium and AWS Device Farm
  • Git repository and branch management
  • Code style conventions using PEP 8
  • Crash reporting using Sentry
  • Logging using CloudWatch Insights
  • Application performance monitoring using New Relic
  • Credential storage using AWS SSM
  • Environment variables using Zappa and AWS Lambda
  • Code repository backups using push mirroring from GitLab to GitHub
  • DynamoDB database table backups using point-in-time recovery + automatic full backup of each table once a day
  • Test-driven development using tests running in Docker
  • Code peer review with merge to master pull requests
  • Penetration testing using Kali Linux
  • Application security using API keys and JSON Web Tokens
  • Management of user roles and permission policies using AWS IAM
Who we need:
  • 2+ years’ experience in professional DevOps in the AWS cloud
  • Attention to detail is very important to us, no sloppy code
  • Previous startup-experience would help you to understand that startup life is different from corporate life
  • Independently-thinking beyond the current task at hand
  • Self-directed working style, no constant guidance should be needed
  • Enjoyment in identifying and working with latest tools and frameworks
For more information about our company, visit our website:

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