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Commodity Trader

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Knottical Power Energy Corporation

Established in 2009 | 11-50 employees
Beside MCIAA, Cebu City, Cebu
Total vacancies for this job title : 10
Posted on : March 02, 2019
Job ID : 306065

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Knottical Power Energy Corporation (KPEC) is an energy wholesale and retail business operating within the territory of the Philippines. The company’s petroleum functions include sourcing and distribution of fuel products for commercial and industrial clients. Knottical’s six-year track record in purchasing refined and petrochemical products includes sourcing from Chevron, Shell and Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi (ENI).
Knottical offers its clients the convenience of custom and location-specific solutions for the supply of Crude Oil, Condensates, Diesel, Gasoline, Jet A-1 and a variety of specialized and lubricant products.
Within the infrastructure network, Knottical has access to pipeline, marine and road tanker for the transport of its petroleum products.
Knottical is a rapidly growing business. It serves airports, shipping ports, filling stations and transportation hubs, piers and yacht clubs, mining and construction sites, and shopping malls.
KPEC trades petroleum-based energy — Diesel, Gasoline, Jet A1 and other lubricants — in the primary and secondary markets where it plays an active role in market-making,
wholesaling and retailing. Services include:
  • Supply of petroleum based products
  • Supply of Jet A1 and AvGas
  • Supply of custom developed lubricants
  • Trading of bio-ethanol products
  • Supply of custom developed products including Plastics, Synthetic Rubber,
    Styrenics and Intermediates
  • Custom design and build filling stations for industrial sites
  • Gas Station Franchising
Knottical provides its clients an “Online Ordering” solution and nation-wide delivery capabilities.
Is currently looking for:
Commodity trading specialists negotiate and arrange the purchase or sale of raw materials such as Petroleum, coffee, electricity, natural gas, livestock, gold or other types of physical goods. Through extensive research, commodity traders obtain up-to-date information about market conditions, communicate with their clients about the sale and purchase of specific commodities and ensure settlement guarantees. Also known as commodity brokers, there are many types of commodity traders who specialize in a wide range of specific commodities.

Job Description  
  • Commodity brokers buy and sell physical commodities on behalf of the firm and are compensated on a commission basis. The main goal of a commodity broker is ultimately to make money for the firm.
  • While the role varies based on the specialization in question, the responsibilities of a commodity trader are likely to include:
  • Agreeing on selling or buying prices, optimizing for profitability
  • Making offers or bids to sell or buy commodities and securities
  • Sell or buy stocks, commodity futures, bonds, or foreign currency based upon the client’s requirements
  • Develop and maintain client and supplier relationships 
  • Analyzing investment opportunities in order to inform buying, selling and investment decisions
  • Identify opportunities for sale or purchase of commodities or securities 
  • Formulate appropriate hedge strategies and trading options 
  • Monitor market conditions, including price, volume, dynamics, and competition
  • Ability to analyze a multitude of factors that may affect price movement, including weather conditions, trade policies, political developments or changes to supply and demand conditions
  • Make arrangements for transportation of purchased or sold commodities 
  • Preparation of detailed financial reports
Typical employers for Commodity Traders Include: Trading Houses, Investment Banks and Hedge Funds
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