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Kresk Contractors Asia Inc. (KRESKCON)

 With business certificates| Established in 2017 | 51-200 employees

About the Company

KRESK CONTRACTORS ASIA INC. is a Cebu-based specialty contractor company composed of competent individuals knowledgeable on the latest advances and developments in engineering and construction. The core personnel have been previously involved in the design and development of various projects in the Philippines and overseas, which proves the world-class capability and competency of the company.
KRESK CONTRACTORS ASIA INC. sees itself as a major contributor in the quest to creating sustainable structures that contribute to the country’s economic growth, promote ecological balance, and improve the quality of life.
KRESK CONTRACTORS ASIA INC. is committed to providing quality specialty services. With a critical eye towards safety, quality, and service, our team of highly-skilled professionals are guaranteed to carry out projects the best way possible.
  • QUALITY. The constant drive to delivering work and products according to standards and client’s needs. We stake ourselves to delivering the best that we can offer.
  • DEDICATION. The ability to do the assigned task properly with a great deal of effort. We incline ourselves to exerting hard work and passion in everything we do.
  • SYNERGY. The capability of two or more individuals in accomplishing a given task. We take pride of our employees having strong professional bonds towards each other.
  • RESPONSIVENESS. The willingness to take immediate practical action in dealing with any given situation. We readily engage on matters that need fast and decisive solutions.

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Project In-Charge (Outside Cebu Projects)

PHP 16,000 - 22,000 per month
Mandaue City, Cebu KRESK Contractors Asia Inc. (KRESKCON) 
Established in 2017
51-200 employees
Jun 13
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